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Sep 3, 2008
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well my senior prom was saturday. we all had a blast i figured i'd post a few pics because most people never get to see me all cleaned up with out boots on lol.



and a quick question.... i have to make a senior box and it has to have a theme to it the example we were given was "what i've learned in high school" but i think everyone is going to use that one. and we have to give a 3 to 5 min presentation on it too. thanks!!
Young lady you look gorgeous...even with that old hairy legged guy hanging on your arm. ;-) ;-) Great Pic.
You sure clean up good!! Very pretty pictures.
You could do the topic, "What I will miss most of High School".....
or "The people that influenced me the most in High School"...
I would suggest "What are your thoughts on homos getting married", but the last beautiful young lady that did that appears to be getting a lot of heat from it. You do look lovely by the way. I assume the young man has told you how lucky he is.
Great pictures> I hope you had a great time.

You theme could be " Great experiences of the last four years"
JUst a suggestion
Have fun with it.
I feel sorry for your Dad. Of course I have 2 daughters so thats how I think. My Junior and Senior year in Highschool were the funnest most care free days of my life. I have fun now but I always have to look out for my children at the same time. Not as care free. ;-)

Gorgeous pictures - I'm sure you had a good time.

For your box --> How about "my next 4 years will hold" --> kind of like the Tim McGraw song "My next 40 years", just modified.
Young lady, you are looking some kind of pretty. That young man is very lucky to have had you for his date.

His flower may be a little askew, but he put a fine shine on those shoes, as a gentleman should.
And his vest and tie match your dress Aaaawwww how lovely you both are..
You scub up well girl, hope you both had a good time...your a very nice looking couple.
as for your box.....'what a good time I had in my senior year, and what I'm hoping for in the next four'
as far as all of the questions go....
he broke his little flower thing dancing on the party bus lol.
i had on zebra print heels not my boots[i pulled that one at my 8th grade prom thing :D ]
graduation is on june 7th at 7[your more than welcome to come!! lol]
my graduation party is june 6th at 5[come on to this too! big barbQ]
daddy loves this boyfriend[since he's been around for a little over a year now]
and i called every tux place in the phone book to find that tie and vest.

thanks for all the complements btw!

as far as prom went we had an amazing time. and i think i will use "the fun i've had in highshcool" for my theme. because i hae no clue where the next 4-5 years is taking me... and i don't want to know!! :D

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