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Jul 22, 2008
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i am new to ai and just got a steal on 2 tanks and a shipper. 1 is a mve apollo sx18, one a linde xr16 and a mve bds5 shipper. they all are missing plugs and stuff and i can get the plug and cap for the sx18 but before i put money into it is there a good way to tell if the vacuum is good? also does anyone know where to get parts for the linde, it seems to be the one in best shape but i cannot seem to find any parts online? thanks ahead of time.
Used semen tanks are a crapshoot-I'd put them where you walk by them every day. It all depends on how valuable the semen is that you are storing.
Unless you know these tanks are good, I wouldn't waste my time with them. Even if they were free, I wouldn't take the chance. A new tank isn't that expensive when you consider one or two racks of semen lost would have paid for a new tank.
Get it filled and leave it sit for a week. Then refill it and check the level every week or 2 for a month or so. If it's holding good, then get it refilled and only then put semen in it.

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