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Can anyone give me information as to the ideal scrotum size for bulls as a relation to the animals size?

Most of the information that i am finding is giving out a number such as 32 cm as the minimum size. Isnt there a different minimum for jersey bulls and Chininia bulls?

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You are right, the minimum recommended is 32cm. This does vary SLIGHTLY between breeds. There is a chart put out by Beef Improvement Federation for beef animals by breed. But, they do not vary very much. And, it is not as you expect. Chianina & Limousin are probably smaller measurements than Angus,& Simmental. It is an average for the breed at 12 months of age. Chi's & Limo's are later maturing and have a harder time reaching the 32cm goal. (By the way, I don't know what dairy bulls stats are, but I would guess the Jersey bull would be expected to have a larger sc than the Chi! Jeanne

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