Rhino DM7 Mower Blades

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Nov 10, 2023
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Shiner Tx
Does anyone know where to find the correct blades for a Rhino DM7 mower? I ordered what was supposed to be the correct blades online using the serial number of the mower but the hole size was not correct. The local tractor parts store could not find it at any of their suppliers and even called Rhino and no one had the correct blade. The old blade measures 3.85" in length and the hole size measures 20mm. I will attach a picture of the new blade that I ordered (that was the wrong size) next to the old blade that came off the mower.


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Possible you have the wrong nut/shouldered bolt (which ever that mower uses) for the blade?
That is what I thought, so I ordered replacement bolts as well, the new bolts fits perfectly with the new blades but when I tried to install the new bolt and blade on the mower, the hole on the mower was too big.
Update: I just decided to get the blade with the correct hole size and cut 1/4 inch off and made it work,it was only really one blade that needed to be replaced because it was damaged. Thanks guys!

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