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Sorry I'm so slow in answering. I have trouble loading these pages and don't come out here as often as I used to. The Oklahoma Beef, Inc. (OBI) website is Scroll down the page to the lower left, email Amanda or Tim and ask them for a Spring sale catalog. They'll probably be mailed out in the next week or so. If you find something you're interested in, feel free to email and we can discuss calving ease, etc. Price. I've seen bulls sell there from $10,000 to $900. They sell by test group (oldest bulls first) and by test index within their group. I have to recommend a registered Angus bull. It costs about $7 to register an Angus calf up to four months old. If a breeder won't spend that to register his calves, I'm not going to spend my money on his cattle. There's so much information on those registration certificates. We raise registered Angus down near Duncan, so maybe I'm biased about registration. The OBI page is attached to the Oklahoma State University site, too. You might check out the Extension pages there. There are lots of publications you can download or read online there about raising beef cattle in Oklahoma. Your local Extension agent (or whatever they call them now) is probably listed in your phonebook. Down here, he's listed with the County offices. He'll have quite a bit of info in his office, too. Our local cattlemen's group gives a seminar or two each year about herd health (shots), marketing, etc. You might see if they have such a group in your county; the extension agent will probably know. I can't stress enough to use a true calving ease bull on those first calf heifers. I'm not trying to scare you, but I've seen several internet postings where people haven't been careful, or the heifer got with a neighbor's bull, or they borrowed a bull and wound up with a vet bill for a C-section, a dead calf and paralyzed cow. I know you don't want that to happen to your heifers. If you can make AI work, it would be the ideal thing. People claim buying a bull for less than 15-20 head is not cost efficient. But with AI, you have to be able to observe when the heifers are cycling, get someone to come and do the insemination and they won't all settle to the first breeding, probably. You can give them shots to cause them to all cycle at the same time, though. If you're interested in that, you probably need to talk to a local vet or AI technician. No one is going to get tired of your questions. Just keep asking them and feel free to email if I can help you some other way…<p><br>: : Kim, check out the OBI sale at Stillwater on April 2. There will be performance tested bulls from several breeds available, though for calving ease and growth you can't beat Angus. You'll likely be able to get a 12-14 month Angus bull there for a reasonable price. At that age he should be able to breed that many heifers. There'll be more info available on him than you want to read, EPDs, ultrasound data, hip height, Average Daily Gain, BSE, etc. If you're interested in a catalog, let me know and I'll post the phone number/web site to request one. Have you considered having the heifers AI-ed? <p>: : : Hello everyone,<br>: : : I have just finish going through some of the messages on this board.I notice that they were saying it was better to breed hereford bull with a black angus heifer,not Black angus bull with a hereford cow. Well I have a problem we have 7 hereford heifers.We are looking to buy a bull in late April or early May. We are newcomers to cattle raising.What is usually around the cost of a Angus? And does someone know of any ranch in Oklahoma selling black angus? <br>: : : Kim<br>: : : Seeking expert advice<p>: <br>: Good Morning Frankie,<br>: Hi,thanks for the information. I really have alot to learn.I don't even know what getting cattle AI-ed is. (smile)HELP!!!! I need a book.<br>: I am truly a newcomer.Yes,I am interested in a catalog.What do you consider a reasonable price?<br>: What is the difference between registered bull and unregistered bull? I just would like to get an angus bull for this breeding and as the money comes in than maybe I can afford a register bull.Is this the right thing to do or should I just go for the register? Thanks again Frankie. Have a bless day!!<p>: P.S.<br>: I think I better go back to the newcomers board before you guys get tired of me.I think I am going with the angus.Pray that I get the funds up to get my first bull on my own.You guys on this board are the best.Thanks!! Please don't forget about me if you come across any information that might help me.<p>: Kim<br>: the newcomer wanting to learn <p><br>
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