Range cubes or sweet feed?

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J Henry

Mar 11, 2018
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Got a 4.5 month hiefer calf she is lite 270# I bought Wranger sweet feed 10% and range cubes. She isn't really eating the sweet feed but she is the range cubes. Should I just feed the cubes or keep mixing both like I have been? I think she is short weaned on the pasture and they were feed cubes.
Range Cubes will work but smaller creep feed pellets or a 14% commodity mix would be better. Maybe feed her 3 pounds a day. My younger calves always start coughing when they eat range cubes. Is this calf by herself or with other cows?
Ebenezer":3o4s1a68 said:
A lot of sweet feed is a high % of chopped straw. Feed something better.
:shock: :shock: Never heard of that before. Sweet feed around here is a high protein pellet containing all the vitamins, minerals and protein, mixed with corn and molasses and sometimes oats. Normally a much higher quality feed than pelletized feed which can consist of a lot of junk.
Rafter S":3pfdjz45 said:
Buy a better quality sweet feed and give her that. At least 12% protein.
They make a sweet feed less than 12%? I guess I never looked at any under 12% The cheapest sweetened all-stock mini pellets is 12% every where I've ever seen it.
For calves, I'd rather have the textured feed..feed you can actually see the grain and chopped up corn in.
They probably make some good quality higher protein pellet, but seems mine prefer feed with only part pellets and the rest cottonseed hulls, flaked corn, and oats. Sweet or unsweetened. I think it's about 40% corn and 20% CSH with the rest 'other stuff'... The brand I've been getting lately is 'ful-o-pep'. Made in San Antonio I believe.

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