Putting up hay

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How much $$ per roll ?
I have been buying from this guy for years, sometimes it's not good hay, just a filler and I don't plan on selling any of it.
I get it delivered for $65, on my other place I get it delivered and stacked from a different guy that bales my hay for me for $68. But it's fertilized and clean.
They both know they don't have to worry about their money and most of the time they're paid before they make delivery.
I have given good deals to people, like selling chicken litter, I sell it to them at cost and I have never received a nickel from some of them.
You have to work for people that will pay you, there's lots of one and done customers.
Wow, must be nice. We have a drought here (says while it's raining). Well, we had the drought in the spring and it stunted the growth of anything. Then the grasshoppers moved in and killed quite a bit of feed, they are still at it.
Now it's extremely difficult to get some baled without any rain on it. Bad year all around. So prices have gone up up up.
Just had 350 bales delivered yesterday because we won't have enough feed to begin with for winter.
I wish it was US $ 65. Prices start at US $75, not delivered and good luck finding some, and up up up from there.
Ended up with 120 rolls instead of 170, my son said he told hay men we wanted another fifty, the hay man forgot or whatever, but he sold it to someone else, miscommunication I guess?

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