Hay analysis

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They look pretty good. The fiber numbers are a little high comparing them to what I am use to looking at. But they will certainly make cow hay.
It's great to see someone actually test their hay rather than me just advocate for someone to do it. Your question here is a valid one and frankly, I don't ever get this far to even be able to consider. % protein I think of as the biggest consideration and that looks good/very good to my understanding. I know what many of the other values are, but what I don't know is that if the results for your tests are "good", "average"' or "needs improvement". The expected results/desirable results are also going to be affected by where you are. Also remember/know that every hay cutting is going to be different from any/all other hay cuttings as no 2 are alike. I might suggest you contact an extension agent in your area that has expertise in hay analysis that can tell you which factors are most variable in your area as well as what "good" and "bad" values tend to be for hay cuttings within your area.

I imagine you are most concerned with the nutritional value within the hay. However, since you have the tests with the values, ask the extension agent to help you calculate the "fertilizer value" of the hay as well. They will be able to calculate quantities of P and K within your hay which can be calculated into equivalent fertilizer amounts which you can then attach a monetary value to as well. I suspect that you will find those values suprising.

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