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I am heavily considering the cattle business here in the state of Mississippi. After all my research on the various breeds ad the conditions of the state, I still am undecided on the breed with most potential. The climate is moderate year round with slight winter and summer extremities. Any suggestions and explanations would be appreciated.

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I would strongly recommend a cow which is a Brahman X Hereford F-1 bred to and Angus bull. This is an excellent cow for the South. This cow is the industry standard in the southern United States. This cross gives the maximum amount of hybrid vigor in the cow and when bred to a black bull it provides calves that are acceptable to buyers. If you intend to go into the purebred business I would reccomend Brahman, Brangus, Santa Gertrudis, Beefmaster, or anything with some Brahman influence. If you have any other questions I can try to answer them.
Alot of breeds will do well in Mississippi, what breed interests you?

I have sold cattle to Mississippi, and they have aclimatized well. I can give you a number to call the folks and go see their cattle if you like.

The main thing is to identify your target market and breed cattle that will meat (pun intended) that market.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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