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I have a 2 1/2 month old bull calf that has a runny clear discharge coming from his right eye.Is this Pink-eye?? The other calves don't have this.Do you think he just poked it with a twig or got stung by something.There is no redness to it.Can someone give me some answers?????? Thanks in-advance

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Well, depending on you location, you may have a foxtail under the lid, best way to check this is nock them down, sid on them, look under the lid and in the corners of the eye, if you see one pluck it (the fox tail) out, it will clear up quickly. Pink eye will generaly have a focal ulcer, (grey spot) somewhere on the eye, treat ASAP with LA 200, as per label Instructions, will clear up, but may have some scaring left on the eye.

Good luck, Michelle

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