pink eye / pop eye

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Aug 12, 2017
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so i have a 3-4 month old bull calf that had pink eye, gave it 2 shots of draxxin over the course of a couple of weeks. due to other calves being born and moving them all to a new pasture, i did not follow up like i should have. now the calf has "pop" eye. and the flies are having a field day. it nurses fine, eats and looks normal, except for its eye.
what options are there for this? i can turn it into a butcher steer for later. but what complications will come from the pop eye?

btw, pink eye has been bad in eastern ok this summer, and i have for the most part done pretty well. just never have experienced this before.

They're painful and will slow the calf's growth. A vet can sew the eyelid shut to allow it time to heal without being irritated by air/sun/flies, or they can remove the eye altogether, depending how bad it is.
If it hasn't granulated, you can put a patch over the eye. Just use anything, old jeans, whatever and glue it on. Maybe yours is too far gone, but we used to do this and it worked without going to a vet.