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Black and Good

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Dec 27, 2011
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Eastern Kansas
Are black cattle harder to get decent photos of ? This first picture is after I tried to edit it but it's still not clear. The second one is not edited. The sun was over head but still a lot of shadows. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks B&G

The third one was zoomed in and its even worse.
I think you have done a good job. I like to get a photo of a morning when the sun has a bit of angle on it but the I can never get them standing the right way to make the most of it.

He has good depth.

It's not too bad, you just need more patience and pay more attention to detail. In the second pic you have the perfect pose, but you were out of position. The bull looks very relaxed in the second pic and that is what you're after, a relaxed, yet alert pose. If you were just behind his shoulder and dropped to your knees, you would have been in the perfect position to take the photo.

I've also found that using a zoom lense and standing further away just make the animal looking for balanced.

On a side note it is near impossible to take a good free standing photo of a structurally unsound animal, the structurally sound one tend to set themselves up nicely.
Morning or afternoon, and a flash is supposed to help. Mine usually come out pretty good without a flash, but I use a pretty nice camera. Nice bull.