PETA Wants To Ban Youth Hunting????

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Nov 2, 2008
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Interesting! But now I'm a little worried!

From "Guns And Ammo", March 2009, page 12.

PETA Wants to Ban Youth Hunting
After a young boy allegedly shot his father and another man in Arizona, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter to Arizona's governor insisting that hunting be banned for those under the age of of 18. Apparently, the shooting followed a prairie dog hunt. "PETA always uses the most distasteful tactics to make headlines," says Rick Story of the U.S. Sportman's Alliance. "A ban on hunting for those under 18 will prohibit thousands of law-abiding, responsible sportsman and their children from engaging in a time-honored tradition."

I recall that my dad first took me hunting at the age of 12, gave me my frist gun, a Savage over and under. He spent the whole day teaching me about gun safety, how to load, how to aim etc. I'll never forget that day. And now PETA wants to take that experience away from the kids and their fathers and grandfathers?
No surprise here. They had a person dressed up as a fish outside of an elemetary school telling little kids that their folks were evil if they went fishing. :mad: :mad:
These nuts will stop at nothing to get their way. No hunting, no fishing, no ranching and no pets.

I remember reading an article in Readers Digest about the founder of PETA and what their goal at that time was, completely different from now.
My thoughts are i'd rather see a kid hooked on the outdoors than drugs and alcohol.Hunting teaches a kid alot about about life and stuff like this is bad no matter how you take it.Of course you have to remember they want to take away all hunting and this would be a start.I don't know about all states but here in WV you have to start getting a licence at age 15.
they dont even give a crap about animals they jsut use it as a front to try adn get power, they are a bunch of power hungry nut jobs, they want to ban all types of hunting and agriculture and let animals run wild as they once wereor so they say, before humans, in a way they want to get rid of the whole human race becasue they value animal life above human life.