Late Season Turkey Hunting ?

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
Seeing some hens and a lot of Toms, but decoys and calling do not work as well as in early season. Birds come out of the woods in AM and PM - - favoring certain swales out in open fields. Are there any issues with using a pop-up turkey blind out in an open swale rather than along an edge or in a woods?
You could use a cardboard box and it would work for turkeys. They lack almost any ability to think. As long as they don't see movement they'll assume its part of the landscape. Even if it's never been there before. A couple decoys won't hurt, but I don't feel they help a lot this time of year.
Run and gun or blind?
Camo up and call in with decoy if you can. Find a pocket in the trees or brush with a trail. It has really helped with taking big birds vs hunting tree lines and more open areas.

If you have never used a MOJO decoy it is a game changer.

I have never used a full on blind because we move and call, move and call. I have used burlap on post like you would use for electric fence. 3 or 4 posts will wrap up pretty neatly. You can shove them in with your foot quick and be behind cover.

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