Pedialyte for dehydration

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I was recently told by an old farmer in my area that he gives his calves pedialyte (the kind used for children)in the event they suffer from dehydration. He buys it already prepared in a big plastic bottle. Is this safe and good for calves?

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it is electrolytes too, but you pay what $4.00 a bottle when you can go to the feed store and by the mix electrolytes for cow for $2.00 maybe and it makes 2 quarts. I dont know if you can use pedialyte but it seems to me it would be cheaper to by the mix for cows and as many times a day you feed a dehydrated calf you would put more money in the calf. Just my 2 cents there
My vet said pedialyte is okay, but it is expensive. Look at the thread answered by dunmovin under "i'm not chris with the nose sores". Dun gave me a good recipe for homemade electrolytes.

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I actually got a recipe for electrolytes out of the ninth edition Animal Science book written by ensminger. It involved corn syrup, water baking soda and sugar. I dont have my Animal Science book handy but if you can look at it you can get a cheap recipe

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