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Sep 12, 2022
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South Georgia
I think I have ask this before but can't remember what was/wasn't suggested. I have been using the Agrimetin (Invermetin) cattle wormer for 5-6 years now. It is an injectable kind and has worked for me. I don't do routine worming as with only 12-15 head, I just do it as needed. The only problem I have with the Agrimetin is that it must burn or sting bad as every body that gets it act like it's about to kill them. I normally with giving other shots or vaccines. I give this shot last so when I give it, I release them quickly from the head gate. I have had them to go thru the head gate and get on their knees and shake their head. I've had them to walk backwards shaking their head and mooing. I was instructed by my cattle vet to use this ivermectin wormer and give it IM. He has cattle of his on and uses this. My question is that do you know of a wormer that works well and doesn't sting like this. I hate to use it because of this but it is all I have on hand at the moment. Thanks guys for your input here.
If it burns SC, imagine what it would do IM. Follow the label. Besides you don't know what type of lesion might be left in the muscle.

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