Patches of hair missing & flakey skin

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Mar 3, 2020
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Northern California
See photos... noticed two clumps of hair gone about 2 weeks ago. Not flakey at the start but it is now and the hair loss areas have gotten larger. I started treating with a salve but it's not helping much. No signs of any lice. All of my other cattle look fine. Ideas?


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Don't know but probably wouldn't hurt to treat for lice with Saber pour on.
Thanks. Do you think it is wise to treat the rest of my herd just in case? Is it ok for bred cows?
I'd treat them all. Should be fine for bred cows but contingent on what you use - check the label &/or ask your vet that they recommend. I generally use Fly Ban, which is not a "wormer", can be used as needed, but effective for treating lice.
I would not rule out Sarcoptic mange but then I do not play a veternarian on TV.
You can expect to treat the whole herd if it is anything of that nature.
an ounce of prevention.....................................good luck what ever it is
Thank you all for your input. Vet recommended Ultra Boss. She also said don't expect the hair to grow back very fast. Of course we are supposed to get rain the next two days so they'll have to wait until the rains done to treat, since it is a pour on.

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