Pain relief for beef calf

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Mar 19, 2017
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Other than IV Banamine, what else has anyone used as an anti- inflammatory for beef calves? I have Banamine paste for horses but cannot find an indication or dosage for cattle. Thank you!
I have given buffered aspirin to calves. I actually prefer it to bute on a horse for many ailments.
Linked article below is old (2008), but gives an overview of pain medications that were in use at that time. ... matory.pdf

Meloxicam has been getting quite a bit of use recently for pain relief in calves, small ruminants, etc., post-dehorning/post-castration, etc. ... ar2015.pdf

Banamine... only approved route of administration is IV; I know folks give it IM all the time - but it's not innocuous... it does cause some tissue damage/reaction. Half-life of banamine is only about 9 hours following administration.

Bute: U.S.A.—The extra-label use of phenylbutazone in female dairy cattle 20
months of age or older is prohibited by the United States Food
and Drug Administration.{R-34} Although other extra-label uses in
food-producing animals, as stated in Animal Medicinal Drug Use
Clarification Act (AMDUCA) guidelines, are legal at this writing(2004),
the practitioner should check current statutes to be sure
restrictions on the use of phenylbutazone in food-producing
animals have not been broadened.
The Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of
phenylbutazone in food-producing animals; therefore, there are
no established withdrawal times on product labeling for foodproducing
species. Phenylbutazone is not permitted at any
concentration (zero tolerance) in meat, milk, or eggs intended for
human consumption.
Federal law restricts phenylbutazone to use by or on the order of a
licensed veterinarian
Is the calf eating starter feed yet? Something that's easy is powdered aspirin, comes in apple or molasses flavored. Or like Bigfoot said, regular aspirin in the feed, I usually drizzle a little molasses over it.

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