Our Promising Junior Herd Sires

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Running Arrow Bill

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Dec 24, 2003
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Texas Panhandle On US 83
Here is current photo of our two junior herd sires: Rockytop Diamond and Red Magic 28. Rockytop is grandson of Hunt's Command Respect and Red Magic is son of Hunt's Command Respect. Both are predicted to have total horn in 70-80" category at maturity.

Rockytop had 55" total horn at 26 months old. Red Magic had 67" total horn at 30 months old. Both have calves on the ground now. Photos in May/June 2009.

Good looking bulls, Bill. Seems like everyone is getting in on the Hunt's Command Respect bulls. They are some horn growing bulls. We have a young son of Brass Knuckles out of a straight Butler cow, he's still nursing and his mother is carrying a Sledgehammer calf. Figured we might as well get in on it too.
As a follow-up comment,

We breed our Longhorns for both body and horn. Don't want our longhorns to look like fat "commercial" cattle with "short horns"...lol. Try to preserve the traditional look of the Texas Longhorn as well as put some decent (not BCS 6 or 7) flesh on them. Also, try for good straight toplines, etc.

We shoot for horns definitely past their ears at weaning and horns 24 to 30" at one year old minimum. By the time they are 24 months old they should have 40 to 50" horn at minimum. If they don't meet our criteria for horn growth, they are serious candidates for "growing wheels" or for our freezer beef. However, we do have some cows with less than desired horns that when bred to one of our bulls will put more horn on their calves than she did. It's all about (body or horn) breeding strategies that create a calf that is "better" than the sire or dam.

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