Old girl.

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My longhorn "pasture ornament" is not that gentle, but is quiet and comes to grain. I plan to keep her until she dies, or comes up open and make her into hamburger, and get her horns too.... but since she is only on her 4th lactation... hopefully bred back for #5.... she might outlive me !!!!!
I wish European cattle had the same kind of longevity and fertility.
These Longhorns (and Corriente, Piney Woods, Florida Scrub and Florida Cracker) basically ran wild for over 300 years, from the time the Spanish turned them loose in the Americas, til railroads and refrigeration sparked the great American beef industry in the 1800's. Those 2 traits you mentioned, as well as their calving ease, mothering ability, milk production, resistance to heat, cold and parasites, and their ability to thrive on marginal forage, are all results of the "survival of the fittest" in their feral state. And they will make as gentle a cow as any if you handle them right. So will Brahma. The meanest, craziest cattle I have fooled with were Brahma, and the gentlest, easy handing cattle I have worked with were Brahma. These 2 make great crosses, and not just for bucking bulls. Yes, they are the ugliest cattle I have ever seen...I will give anyone that. They can be and will be the gentlest momma cows you can have. No calving problems, great mothers, about as maintenance free as you'd want. Those 22 we bought are just right. You can ride right up to them and they don't run off. They will step aside if you are about to brush up on them with your horse. You can gather and herd them at a walk or trot. If you are by yourself, just drop a loop on the lead cow's horns, and you can just lead the whole herd in. She will follow your horse with a slack rope. It is going to be interesting to see how they are about their new calves when they start calving in February. Ones I have had before, were a little bit over protective for the first few days, and I don't mind that. That's another thing about LHs, Brahmas, and the crosses... you don;;t have to worry about wild dogs or coyotes.

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