Old Brimmer Cross cows

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They all look good! Is that what you got left or parting ways with?
What I have left.
I figured if I start over I want heifers out of these girls.
I actually know their genetics back decades. I culled their dams in 2011 out of my neighbors herd and they were all 25+ in good BCS and teeth.
I fear this drought will get their teeth, current they would all age 7 by teeth.
Good grass equals good teeth equals longevity.
I have never been big in retaining heifers.
I have dispersed my potentials I bought going into this drought.
These girls are a known commodity that I can’t replace.
All of these girls I bought or bartered out of my old neighbors herd.
He has been dead three years and the herd dispersed through the salebarn.
Never thought I would see the day not a lot of this type cattle left, not a lot of old cattlemen left here!

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