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Mar 9, 2004
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i knocked my oil pressure switch off the side of my motor on a mahindra tractor. it might be techincally called the oil sending unit, but anyway, i knocked it off.

my question is how universal is that part on motors? the dealer here does not have one in stock and i really want to get it going. just wondering if it really matters that i put the one from the dealer back on. it will be about a weeks before he can get it in.

on the side of the old one it says it is for 12/24 volts and the wire on it goes to the gauge if that matters. i know some have lights on them, but mine has a gauge.


Most of the sending units use standard pipe threads. You can plug the hole with a pipe plug until you can get the plug, just keep an ear on your engine. One of mine started leaking this past summer on the second round of cutting a 45 acre field. As luck would have it, I had an 1/8" pipe plug in the truck from some other project. That's why I never clean my truck out.
From what I found there are more or less two different types. One is just a low presser light and the one that gives you a variable reading. I have plugged them on older tractors for a few days but I thought the computers read oil presser on some of the new tractors.

But you should be able to use one off something else as long as it is set up the same.
A.C. is right look for an alternative plug as a last option as you fix it sooner or later as thay say. check to see if you got a manual fuel pump and not a buch of computers these are from out of the states and domestic parts from lets say an old massey or ford carries it an earlyer model maybe a 24 volt if its got a puter on it through a transformer or some thing like that

as luck has it, of course the threads are not going to be easy to match. it was a M10 metric. i bought a bolt and stuck in the hole and got it home. will just wait for the new part to come in at this point. i can use it if i need to, but would rather not use it much. you never know what is going on in these things these days. just like the cars, getting more and more complicated.

jt":23zyfvvm said:
i knocked my oil pressure switch off the side of my motor on a mahindra tractor. it might be techincally called the oil sending unit, but anyway, i knocked it off.


OK, not enough info. Now that we have a few suggetions out of the way>>>>>>>>Just how did you so elequintly do this? :p
knock it off with all them big words there vette. the boy had a boo-boo and his tractor is bleeding he needs a bandaid and simple surgurey. plug till the new one comes. it will be okay, the oil pressure fine before right? it will be as good without the guage for a week, watch it close for oil use and temps put the new one on as soon as it get there and correct the knocking it off deal however that happened
thanks crats, i was having trouble trying to figure out how to answer that. not good with those big words LOL. anyways.. vett, let me start with a question that will answer it. ever had your tractor in the woods?

lol i dont care how careful you are, tractors and woods dont mix well. a stick ran up under my tractor and busted up the oil filter and the sending unit. oil went everywhere from both places. i am just glad i caught it right after it happened. i didnt roll but about 15 feet afterwards before i caught it, but it had already lost about 6-7 quarts of oil. i rarely take my tractor in the woods and it is not what you would call "woods proof".. no skid pans etc. and it seems like the weirdest things can happen once you get out of the field.

:) Glad it wasn't anything like running over an old piece of metal on the ground and having it knock a whole in the oil filter on your truck or making the hay forks look like elephant tusks pushing tore up trees around. That would just be beyond any willing suspension of disbelief. :p
vett, :shock: how did you know what really happened? :lol:

all kidding aside, i am super glad i caught it early. that could have been much worse.

Yep, I was lucky when I got out of the truck to close a gap and saw the line of oil. Probably would have done some real damage had I not stopped to do that. Guess we are luckier that we give ourselves credit. I've bent the hay forks more than once too. :oops:
yep, just think how dangerous we could be if we were neighbors and got hooked up together on some project. :lol:

the older i get, the more amazed i get at some of the stunts i pull. :roll:
i wonder about me sometimes.


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