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Caustic Burno

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Sep 26, 2004
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Big Thicket East Texas
There are several good things about drilling offshore and in other areas of the country, they produce long term American jobs for one. There is a shortage of drilling rigs right now the average cost per well in our area has jumped from 4 mill to 7 mill rental. You need Americans to build rigs, pipelines, gas plants, these are all good paying jobs employing Americans and keeping our dollars at home. Supply and demand economics work its that simple.
Funny how the country has no problem drilling off all the states that border the gulf and the others don't want it but want cheap fuel. We have 500 billion barrels setting under South Dakota and North Dakota in oil shales that is larger than Saudi. I would much rather give my money no matter the price to an American versus a Middle Easterner that hate our guts.
We needed a comprehensive energy policy in the 70's and sat on our asses for 30 years and here we are.
Our population can not keep growing without building infrastructure in this country.
We should have been building hydro electric dams, nuclear,and wind power plants then, again more American jobs.
Oil is the short term answer, but we can't just start punching holes and when the price comes down get complaciant as we did in the 70's.
We are also the Saudi Araba of coal that employs Americans as well.
The country is virtually diveded in half by the Rocky Mountains when it comes to oil movement due to tree huggers.


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Feb 6, 2006
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Bowie Texas
In my part of texas right now if you don't have a job you are just too lazy to work.The oilfield work is booming and want ads for labors in every paper.

By the way this Came out in this week's shopper.

$50,000 REWARD
For information leading to the arrest
and conviction of persons illegally
removing oil from the Smith #1 & Smith
#2 wells in Southwest Cooke County.
This information will be strictly confidential.
Phone number----------------

Now it's obvious that your everyday theif don't have the means to transport crude and couldn't use it for anything.Don't say how much oil but at the price a barrell it was like robbing a bank.


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