New Livestock Trailer's Quality-Strength-Durability versus old? Your Thoughts

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My 1990 Featherlite was noticeably thicker metal than the newer Featherlite's.


My 2000 CM I believe is also thicker than the newer ones. Both are nice trailers, but I like the CM better especially without the big storage nose of the Feather lite as you can see much better behind.

@ jltrent...That's a Dreamy set-up, best of both worlds. Thanks for sharing.
What are your thoughts on new livestock trailers (quality-strength-durability) versus the ones being built 20, even 10 years ago? After making a few trips this year sales barn I saw several new livestock trailers and they all looked thinner (metal) and lighter (less metal). I haul with an old 30 year old trailer. It's a 1991 16' CM trailer, well maintained, rust free Oklahoma trailer purchased for $2,500. I added new tires, new floor, enhanced electrical mods made. Axles and bearings were exellent- no service needed.
I'm wondering how well these new trailer's sides/gates/doors will hold up to hauling cattle that are kicking and pushing? Giving the normal depreciation of livestock trailers and conditions would you buy new or old? What years, types, models would you look for in buying a used livestock trailer?
The good ones are still good, the cheap ones are even worse. If you maintain a trailer an old one is still great. Watch out for floors and keep bearings greased, add a pipe channel to protect the wiring. If you buy one that has been overloaded all the time it will be a problem
That's a great idea CB...hog wire/cattle panel secured to the floor. I think I'll go that route on my new floor...i've been using a pale full of crushed corn spread around.
3/4" treated plywood strips secured with deck screws over the cattle panel holds up forever.
I ain't hauling a horse ever again.

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