New Holland T5060 replacement battery

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Sep 5, 2013
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The dealer wants $351 for a new EU456 battery. They are a European sized odd ball so they think they have to charge a high price. I know there are several of these tractors out there have any of you found a more reasonably priced battery to fit or do you just pay the price at the dealer ? The dimensions are 19 1/4 long 8 1/4 tall and 6 5/8 wide and needs to be 960 CCA.
I used to use NH batteries in all of my old Fords, til they doubled their price in a 6 month span. Switched all of the trucks and tractors over to Interstate batteries after that. Most of the NH batteries would fail around the 36 month timeframe, the Interstate in my 7710 is either 6 or 7 years old right now. Probably won't start tonight now that I've said that.
I got an industrial battery for my Deere last year for $180 bucks at Napa. Heck of a lot cheaper than the dealer.
not sure if you have any rural kings in your area but they have great deals on batteries and you can usually find one to fit.

I picked up a ford van battery with 1000 CCA's for my JD tractor for 70 bucks and its never started better.

i pulled one out of my dozer that was 7 years old and it was still good but i decided to replace it anyway.
ddd75":y00pjk23 said:
i pulled one out of my dozer that was 7 years old and it was still good but i decided to replace it anyway.

I put one in our Cat last year, that thing was down in a hole and must have weighed 100 lbs.

Looked at the one in my 7710 last night, was purchased in August 2009.

As far as the OP's question, I'd talk to Interstate or another vendor and see what they have to offer. You may also be able to modify the mounting location/brackets in order to make a standard size battery fit.
After a trip to the local NAPA I was able to get a group 31 battery with the same CCA for $118 and a $5 hold down kit. Much more reasonable than the dealer. I also found out that the same company makes the NAPA and New Holland batteries but the EU456 battery is only available to New Holland and Case IH dealers. I thought it was mainly John Deere that was so bad about parts prices which is why I`ve replaced all my equipment with New Holland but I guess they all play the same games.

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