New Holland Powerstar question

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Apr 24, 2012
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Middle TN
I recently purchased a Powerstar 75.
I'm use to an old style tractor, a Ford 5030. My question is: when operating the lever for the remote hydraulics, do you leave it in the foward position when lowering implements such as a disc mower.
Or do you lower the implements and move the lever back to the middle position.
Sounds to me like you are asking about the float function on it even though I am not familiar with that particular tractor. If this is the case you would do it based on implement. My Kuhn disc mower and my NH discbine both get run in the float position. Things like a rake, bushog etc. you would lower then return to center. Clear as mud right? Hope this helps
Some have a "detent" that will move them back automatically. The others you need to do by hand. Leaving them all the forward puts stress on the seals it seems.
Either shove it all the way away from you (float position) or leave it in the middle. Most disc mowers are designed to be used in the float position.

The cable operated valves can be pretty vague, I have had them stick before and run the hydraulics needlessly. You'll feel the extra drag on the engine.

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