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Hi I started my herd in 2000 and I bought a Limousin show heifer, and gradually we increased our size. We currently have 2 cow/calf pairs. One January of 2000 heifer and Nov. of 2000 heifer. We also have a steer calf for showing next year. Right now we are feeding the steer (recently weaned) 5 pounds of pelletized creep feed(dialy).ov. heifer is on a grain mix called Course 14. She is eating 20 pounds daily. I think she could have a ration change though. We went to Coop and weighed Harper and she weighed 780. Would you consider that ok? My sister wants to show Harper next year. Our cow calf/ pairs and jan. heifer are together out on pasture. We feed them 16 pounds of corn (crimped) and 10 pounds of purina cow/calf cubes. Does anyone have any suggestions for improvement of the management of our little herd's nutrient? I would appreciate all the comments and feedback on this topic.

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