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Apr 25, 2004
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College Station, Texas
today i went to look at this red brahman calf that i am going to buy. i do have one question though. the guy said that a Brahman steer is no good. why is that? i plan on raising the bull for breeding but im curious why a steer would be no good. also i found out that the pics i posted before were the calf's brother, not sire, but they both came from HK Passport.

i played with the calf a little, got my butt beat a little, but i am for sure buying. this was the first time its been walked out of the pen, and i was the lucky one to do it. it came out, then started trying to fight. the area was too small and it knocked me into a fence, but thats about it. we got it tied up outside and i was petting and brushing it for a while. the second i saw this calf i knew i had to have it. he loves being brushed, so i sat and brushed him for a while while i talked with the man. i was really impressed when the guy told me he had someone offer $1,000 for the calf but he said it wasnt for sale until i made a decision (i am gonna pay $500). just dont find people so nice in houston. and here are the pics. anyone think its a good looking calf (body structure-wise)? its brother has won countless awards, including Grand Champion Bull at the San Antonio Stock Show.

the buyers discount brahmans heavily. most of them want no more than 1/4 brahman blood in their steers.
sired from 2 HK cattle, Passport and a heifer bought off HK. most people are amazed that these people got a HK heifer because Dinah Weil never sells heifers. i dont have the bull yet so i dont have all the info yet. theres a short story behind how they got an HK heifer. several years ago the family was down looking at HK, and Dinah (owner of HK) wanted to show them a new heifer, not to buy though. the heifer was really mean and wouldnt let anyone except Dinah near her. the son walked up to the heifer and just started petting it and the heifer started licking him. Dinah couldnt help but sell it to them. of course they paid a pretty penny but now they are one of the few, if not the only person in the US with an HK heifer. now they breed it as much as they can, and show most of the calves that are born. occasionally they get one that they cant show (they already have one bull per child in the family) so they sell it to people like me, for very cheap. they bought semen from HK Passport and AI'ed the heifer. i was really excited when i heard about the bloodline of the calf, and im really excited that i will be getting this bull
Good luck with your bull calf! It sounds like he's got a little aggression (the butting part isn't a good thing) so please be careful with him! Brahman's are a whole different "can of worms" in temperment and handling techniques.

I don't know who told you Dinah Weil doesn't sell heifers.. but that's not true. I think they may have been pulling your leg a little on that!
its not that the calf is aggressive, it was just scared. i can walk in with it and brush or pet him fine with no problem. its just that he was never out of that pen before or never tried being walked before. i was the first for both. he didnt try to butt at me he just tried to run, which i (160 pounds) against 500-600pounds, i dont have a chance. that is why i am going to get him trained while hes still small. anything is gonna be like that first time out of the pen. they also gave me some advice while training the calf. they told me never hit or slap him, because that irritates them.
If he continues to 'try to run' you may want to use a spring-loaded bull ring on him. His nose will be tender enough to get his attention when you need to.
i will be having a permanent nose ring put in him. i was told its required to have a nose ring on any bull over 1 year old to show them. how long to i have to wait before pulling on the nose ring?
Don't use the nose ring to pull on your bull! Halter break him correctly. The nose ring is for a "last resort" if you lose control of him.

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