Missouri Farm Figures

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Dec 21, 2003
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Southeast Missouri
An Associated Press article in our local paper gave some stats for Missouri farms from the 2002 Census by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. In 2002, MO had 107,000 farms - 4,000 less than in 1997. The average farm is 283 acres - up from 272 acres. Says 92% of MO farms are ran by individuals or families as opposed to corporations. Says the census confirms that Missourians must enjoy living on the farm as 58% of them have less than $10,000 in ag product sales per year. Says the average age of the MO farmer is now 56.1 years - up from 54.4 years in 1997 - national average is 55.3 years. As urban sprawl and life-in-the-fast-lane continue to take their toll on our farms, it's good to hear about the younger generation catching a bit of the farm fever - no matter how large or small!

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