Many U.S. Veterans are Homeless!

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Dearest Oregonian,

You surely know by now how much we appreciate you keeping us informed. If not for you, many of us would remain ignorant of the REAL news as provided by the Left Coast Liberal Times. I think you guys would cover up any good news just for a chance at some touchy, feely, leftist, liberal misery. Anyway, this same story comes up every year at Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. SOS. Every time. For a more captive audience, why not just a PM to Eric?

Anyway, a lot of us have been wondering what had happened to you. Assumed that you had moved to Massachussetts. Or perhaps you've been bobbing around at your favorite hot tub club down in Gay Bay?
What in God's green earth are you talking about? I have no connect with this Oregonian fellow! Whoever is this Oregonian is needs some serious mental help with his ::shudders:: quirky lifestyle...please keep your fag ideas in the closet..

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