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Apr 13, 2007
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Central Kansas
Someone had posted info on the two other genetic defects that the AAA is looking for info on. I can not seem tho locate it on this site.

One was the fawn syndrome..you might search on that. ..Also the AMC carriers..is there another? you can look at www.angus.org

or do a search for "fawn" here. hope this helps
Notice of February 13, 2009:
Association Requests Reporting on Certain Calves - At the request of Dr. David Steffen of the University of Nebraska, the American Angus Association is asking members to be on the lookout for two separate and distinct types of calves, specifically (1) any calves with severe hydrocephalus, and (2) any calves displaying characteristics of a condition referred to as fawn calf syndrome (FCS).

For Dr. Steffen's notice and description on hydrocephalus, http://www.angus.org/reporting_hydro.pdf.
For Dr. Steffen's notice and description on FCS, http://www.angus.org/reporting_FCS.pdf.

Also, be aware that the Red Angus Association is currently "on the case" of a recent run of Osteopetrosis (marble bone disease). This is an old defect that has reared back up. They have a FAQ list they have published: http://redangus.org/node/109/Genetic_Defect_FAQ.pdf There is also a list of the bulls that are currently recognized as carriers. http://redangus.org/genetics/defects/carriers It is expected that there will be a DNA test for this defect in the near future. Expect the Red Angus Association to announce available commercial test as soon as available (soon).

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