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Jul 29, 2008
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I have a nice Heifer I would like to see someone show. I want to keep her for breeding, but am also trying to get our name out there to help build our reputation for future sales. I realize the heifer has to be in the name of the kid that shows it. Have any of ya'll done a "lease" type contract where you get the animal sold back at the end of show season ? Or is this a pile of hassle just waiting to happen?
I did it quite a bit when I showed and have done it with a couple heifers I raised. If you have a good family that will take care of the animal then it's not a bad deal. Just transfer the papers to their name and thats all u need.
We have done this in the past just make sure that if the heifer stays at their palce that they will take excellent care of your heifer. We let a family lease a heifer for their daughter to show and they did a terriable job of feeding her. After that we keep the heifer at our place and have the kids come to our place to work with the calf. We let them keep whatever they win as long as they put the time into working with the calf. Just make sure whatever you do ALWAYS put everything on paper.
Yes, we have done that type of thing many times over the past 10 years or so. Used to be pretty straightforward. We'd put the heifer in the juniors name, and at the end of the show season they'd put her back into our name. There are all kinds of arrangements you can make, but I would suggest unless it's someone you know WELL, you're better off keeping the heifer at your place, and feeding her yourself. Very few juniors will feed them as well as you will! And some won't work with them as much as you'd like, so you'd have more control over her care that way.

We've also sold heifers to juniors (Scramble certificates are good for this) and then when they got done showing, bought the heifers back. That has actually worked out better in our case.

Good luck!

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