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It's the fastest growing branded beef program in the US. Their premiums are some of the best in the industry. Downside: If your cattle grade Choice, they won't work and no antibiotics or growth implants allowed. If you treat a sick calf, it must be pulled from the program. At one time the cattle had to be fed in a certain feedlot and they only took groups of 100 steers at a time. They were encouraging producers to get together to make up loads. If you have a high Continental influence in your herd, you probably should look into the program. Good luck...

> What are the good points and bad
> points about selling to this
> group? or has anyone heard about
> them?

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> They will typically offer a
> $0.05/lb premium over local
> markets if the animal meets
> certain criteria, including no
> antibiotics or growth hormones and
> Limousin influenced cattle. A new
> program (cradle to grave) offers
> $100 premium for bulls that meet
> their criteria. See the link below
> for more information.

Thanks for the information, travis,

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