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Apr 23, 2009
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Reading blackcowz's developing heifers post made me think of this. I know there is a world of difference when it comes to show cattle and breeding cattle. A while back, a PB Angus breeder told me he would never ever buy a show heifer to put back in the herd. I asked why, and he said he bought a couple a few years back and the heifers never got bred (that was his only explanation). Some posts on here have the same conclusion. Would you all ever buy a heifer that was shown? And if no, why not?
Most all show cattle are spoiled, they have know concept of how to hustle.....Many times they have been fed too much feed as a growing heifer.....so they will be poor milkers....If you want the cow in the herd to be a flush doner so be it........but as a cow thats gonna put her clothes on and go to work....not gonna happen in most cases
I'll have to be careful or get someone pissed off but I've seen Longhorn cows and heifers so fed up that they looked like they'd never breed. I've even heard the judges say that they would be concerned about the animal as to whether she'd ever be able to breed. Too much fat under the neck and tail head. Getting them so fat for the judge's sake and for the sake of trying to win and sacrificing the animal as far as I'm concerned. They aren't meant to be that fat, especially a Longhorn cow or heifer. It ruins the reproductive value of her. There's a farm here in Tennessee (yes, we have Longhorn shows in Tennesse too) that feed theirs up that way and shows them. They don't always do so well in the ring because of this. One of their big show cows looks like she hasn't calved in a few years. Probably can't conceive.
i bought 2 retired show cows last year.an they run out on the pastures like the rest.an they do not stay in a feed trough.you can feed heifers to show condtion without ruining them as breeding stock.1 of the show cows has a 303 day CI.
a few concerns i would have would be milking and soundness even if they did melt a little ,all that hot feed too develope em quik, standing in stalls riding in trailors from show too show
I'm not interested in buying show cattle heifers. I want good working heifers that can stay in shape based upon forage, not feed. I'm sure that some of them are ok, but it's not the way for me.
I have some cows that I show and they run with the rest of the cows most of the time as well. They are good bodied cows and I don't have to stuff all I can get down them to get them to look good for the shows. Of course we're not chasing points and trying to run all over the country with them either. Our local shows for our affiliate is about all that I have time to fool with. Last summer I got them out of the pasture, haltered them and took them to the show and they did fine. They had not been shown in over a year. As long as they're not force fed they usually do fine. These cows breed and raise a good calf every time.

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