January 2009 Bull Sale

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Oct 21, 2004
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What is your prediction for the 2009 Spring Bull sale season?

I will be representing CATTLE TODAY and helping ringside at the fallowing sales in January 2009.
Ray Cattle Co. 6th Annual Angus Bull Sale in Hackleburg, AL. on January 3rd.
Pine Ridge Southern Heritage Simmental Bull Sale in Valdosta, GA on January 9th.
Southeast Angus Classic Angus Bull Sale in Opelika, AL. on January 10th.
Louisiana Angus Association Bull Sale in LeCompte, LA. On January 24th.

If you are attending any of the sales, be sure to say Hi.

I predict that some operations will get along great, while others will really struggle. Most will get their top half sold strong, while the bottom half will be either cheap or not sold. I have really noticed the last few years that the guys who ussually buy a cheap bull are either gone or have stepped up their buying as nearly everyone has the bulls picked out before the enter the ring. In our area, lots and lots of bulls went to town when the cull cow/bull prices were so strong last fall, so people will need to restock.
I think you are right on track with your prediction. Bull buyers are demanding quality bulls. The bull that went to town (Market) last Fall probably need to go do to lack of quality. With the increase of in-put cost, cattlemen can not afford to keep or purchase non quality replacement bull or females.

Ray Cattle Company 6th Annual Angus Bull and Female Sale. Bulls grossed $148,800 on 64 lots to average $2,325. Females grossed $56,800 on 30 lots to average $1,893.
Hey Luke,
Any idea on what lot 1 and 4 sold for? I hate to ask you but I came close to going to the sale looking to buy one of those two lots.
Lot 1 sold for $3,600 1/2 Interest & Possession. Lot 4 sold for $3,000.

I really appreciate it Luke. I am going to try and make it to the sale in Opelika. I do hope I can meet you!

I think there will be a smaller market for breeding bulls, at least in Canada, not sure about the USA. The Canadian cow herd is shrinking in a major way(some figure 25% of the cowherd) and due to the extremely poor markets the last two years(and not too good for last 7) many cattlemen will be just looking to survive...not spend more money.
I think the packers will be getting lots of young bulls this year.
I'm thinking of buying one bull this year. Would like a two year old that could get out and do the job but not many two year old bulls sold around here, mostly yearlings. Have considered going back to some AI but don't think I can commit the time or trouble. Too busy at that time of the year with other business.
Hope to meet you in Opelika at the Southeast Angus Classic Bull Sale.


ddg1263":2xotnfob said:
I really appreciate it Luke. I am going to try and make it to the sale in Opelika. I do hope I can meet you!

Just for thought!
What is your opinion of a good price range for a quality 2 year old bull that fits your females and the price range for a quality 1 year old bull?
Luke, Im hoping to make the sale in Opelika Saturday. They are selling a son of the bull you bought for us there year before last and I want to take a look at him. I dont plan to buy unless I see a really good bull at a bargain. I just want to look over the bulls and visit with some people. I have to buy another bull soon but I am looking at a LimFlex in Georgia. Maybe I will see you there Sat. This is Bill from Circle H Ranch in case you cant figure it out. :nod: Thanks, Bill

Circle H Ranch

Good 2 yr old bulls should be $2500 to $5000 animals. Good 1 yr olds should bring $2000 to $4000. But given the time, people are spending alot less. Sometimes as mush as 50% less which is sad. Everyone should be in the market since you can upgrade for basically even money.
Alberta farmer: If you look you will still find that some people sell two year old bulls, and I'm not talking about the ones that have been left over after selling yearlings the previous year. We don't sell any yearling bulls so that the buyers at our bull sale know that they are getting a shot at the top end bulls.
In response to the thread; I think it will be much the same as in past years. The good ones will sell good and the others won't.
turning grass into beef: I see looking through various papers there actually are quite a few two year old bulls for sale fairly close to me. The local Angus breeders near me(within 20 miles) usually don't have any two year olds though...and because I know most of them personally, I prefer to buy from them.
I see there is a "Forage only 2 year old Angus bull sale" at Stettler Alberta by the Chapman family. I might have to check that out as I know the Chapmans and they are a good people.
Fallowing up on a sale I attended this past weekend the Southeast Angus Classic Third Annual Bull Sale grossed $113,600 on 50 bulls to average $2,275.
Friday I was at Pine Ridge Southern Heritage Simmental/ Angus Bull Sale in Valdosta, GA. Bull averaged $2,060 on 76 lots. Fall bulls averaged $1,712 on 34 lots. SimAngus bulls averaged $1,628 on 20 lots. Spring bulls averaged $1,980 on 10 lots. Aged bulls averaged $2,225 on 7 lots.
Georgia Genetics PT Bull Sale on 1-17-09 at Bricton Farm in Social Circle, GA. grossed $100,300 on 52 yearling bulls to average $1,929. A great sale to be part of.

This is what I expect bulls to be worth this year...


Average - $2,100 - $2,500
High $2,500+
Cow freshener $2,000 and under

2 Year Olds

Add $300 - $500 to each yearling level

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