Is this hay combo Ok for Longhorns?

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Without a nutritional analysis, you can't tell.
I've bought predominantly warm-season grass hay that had great ADF/NDF numbers - seller thought he had something comparable to alfalfa... except that the crude protein was 4%... below 7%, there's not enough N in hay for the rumen microherd to even be able to break it down.
If we had fed only that hay without supplementing protein in a big way, we'd have had cows starving to death with a belly full of indigestible hay - and all they could eat, still sitting in front of them.
Hay is tough to find right now. Is this combo ok for my Longhorns? Johnson grass crabgrass, blue stem sage & Bermuda?
Maybe or maybe not. As Kenny Thomas said it depends on maturity when cut. Without a forage test, you are only guessing if the hay is meeting the nutritional needs of your cattle. I test every cutting. Hay is fed and supplemented if needed based on stage of production of the cow.

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