Is Dried Distillers Corrosive?

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Jan 3, 2009
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Will hauling dried distillers in my pickup make it rust? Someone said there is enough sulfur in it to start rust. I only get 1000# at a time, so the pickup works well. I don't need to help out the road salt, it'll get my truck soon enough.
jb50":2exq6mqp said:
Deliquescent salts and hydrates are generally used as concentrated solutions because of the practical difficulties in handling, replacing, and regenerating the wet corrosive solids. The degree of drying possible with solutions is much less than with corresponding solids; but, where only moderately low humidities are required and large volumes of air are dried, solutions are satisfactory.
I have never dealt with it but when I was doing searches there were a lot of stuff about high grade stainless steals needing to be used. With the amount of salt in it I would think it would make stuff rust faster.
I use about 30 tons a month and, I've have nver noticed it rusting anything .

I don;t know about corrosive, we have a lot of it in our grain mix in the galvanized bin and haven;t noticed a problem. It does seem to be horribly hydroscopic though, worse then soyhull pellets.
I don't think you will have a problem unless it gets wet and sits. But then anything wet will cause rust after a while. :cowboy:
The plant I work at the sulpher level is .84% on a dry basis. We have trucks picking up and delivering 7 days a week. Both the dry and modified. Some trucks deliver multiple loads in a day/week, never seen or heard where any trailers were rusting etc.

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