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I use Belgian blue genetics with my program. See also Diarmid cattle on the web. They have a great potential for lean beef, most have birthing problems due to calving size and when selling on the grid do not yet fit current markets. They are docile, easy to handle, are prone to lung and respitory problems and you have to watch for legs and feet problems.

You can safely use them in any commercial cross to increase muscling, but one should keep the percentage under 5/8th Belgian blue to reduce potential for birthing problems.

There is a connection or link to double muscling and small birthing channel, which results in difficult births. The Breed is working on calving size and this relationship with differing countries achieving different results.

Remember, they are designed to reduce fat and trim, placing more meat per unit. Like anything new there are new skills to cooking and preparing the meat. They are designed for containment feeding and increased conversion of quality feeds to muscle. This they do well!

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