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Mar 10, 2017
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I was recently at the Owen Brothers Sale near Springfield, MO. Met a lot of folks that were there last year. My friend, Roy Canada from here in Kentucky was there. I spoke to a Vet/embryologist. Guy is about 55 and focuses on ET. He said same thing bse did in the previous discussion on repro hormones. After years of practice, he thinks you get a better response when hormones are administered in the large rear muscles. If he is just lutalysing a cow or heifer, it goes in the neck. Same for Cystorelin to treat cystic ovaries. But if he is flushing, they go in the hip. He said it was his experience that using the neck to set cows up for flushing will make some cows impossible to work over time because the neck gets too sore. According to him, they do not develop as bad a behavior with repeated injections to the hip.

Another issue he brought up is when one is administering to cattle where there are no head catch facilities. He said they sometimes use chutes that do not catch the head to AI, administer hormones or vaccinate. In those situations, he said it is safer to inject at the back of the cow rather than deal with a cow throwing her head at you.

I also spoke to a semen representative. He said that only in rare cases does he not follow BQA guidelines.
Ron I agree with what he has said, when doing intensive work like that you have to work with your situation. Whenever I work my cows I am always conscious that I am going to have to get them through many more times and creating good experiences is important. I only catch their head when I have to and putting them through just to weigh them with nothing else done helps build their confidence.


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