im the first rancher in my family....merry christmas ya'll

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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
nobody else in my family has ever had any animals other than dogs.
bought some property out in the middle of nowhere..built a house and a barn. got some married...had a kid...

funny the things ya learn about life. natures ways of doin things. how the waethers gonna be by watchin the animals or the to build fence that werks...when all ya got is lookin at another fence as a lesson...some things learned the hard not to turn yer back on a bull....growing my own food has become one of my greater accomplishments...learning how to make decent pasture out of a sandpile wasnt easy....i was soooooo greenhorn when i moved out here...didnt even know a cow from a hiefer. now i buy,sell,swap,sell cattle feed and grass finished beef..

my wife and i are a perfect fit and my little boy is the greatest gift ever....

just my own little christmas story...seemed odd how life ends up...most of my family never gives a thought to the waether and about growing food. we all werk hard but nobody else in my family or my wifes has anyhting to do with livestock,,,

i dont know...just was thinkin alot lately bout how i ended up where im a nice spot!

merry christmas ya'll.....
Congrats on the choices, and I'm glad it makes you happy, a lot more people should so the same.

On my mothers side of the family there was a pretty long history of small time farmers in Switzerland where I was born, not quite so much on my fathers side, but he had 2 cousins who had a good size dairy operation in Westlock Alberta. I'm done with my time living in the city and I'm moving back to the farm permanantly in February.. when we got the place in 1990 we were in the same situation as you.. we pretty much knew nothing about it, especially the cows.. we had to learn how to make a good fence too, and looking back, I would have made our corrals completely differantly (cows will be much more willing to go into a chute that's uphill than downhill).

Merry christmas to you too!

This is our little spread around christmas 2006

Merry Christmas. I am blessed that I have had my mother's cow wisdom to learn from and grew up here. I'm always impressed by those that have never owned a cow and just jump into it.

After reading what you wrote I had a feeling of accomplishment and pride for you. And, it was a wonderful feeling. Thank you for sharing your story.

Sounds like you have it all figured out DB and thanks for sharing it with all of us ...
It is amazing to me at times how some people find our lives so foreign and strange. I was talking to my maid of honor at my wedding and best friend at the time the other day and she was disappointed that my life has not changed in the direction hers went. She is a fashion designer in NY now. I try to explain to her that I hate people around me all the time and NY would kill me,,, but give up and just do the yes I know but it is what it is.. Me, I am happy and grateful every day that I have my family/loved ones and all my babies inside and out ...Oh mustn't forget that I am most happy in cold weather that my tractor starts so I can look after all those four legged "babies".. :D

Merry Christmas dieselbeef and all the best to you and yours in 2009.. :santa: :wave:
Quote: my wife and i are a perfect fit and my little boy is the greatest gift ever....

just my own little christmas story...seemed odd how life ends up...

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks dieselbeef for putting into words what a lot of us feel and are thankful for. Seems like the chemistry is just right between you and the land along with the animals.

There is a whole world of people out there that would give anything to have a life of accomplishments as you have enjoyed. :tiphat:

Merry Christmas to you from NC!
dieselbeef":kqcsjmxh said:
some things learned the hard way

Seems most of the best lessons in life are learned the hard way. Most of us are so hard-headed that there is no easy way to learn a hard lesson.

dieselbeef":kqcsjmxh said:
my wife and i are a perfect fit and my little boy is the greatest gift ever....

That's what it's all about. The wife & I have 4 kids and they are all the greatest gifts you could ask for, unless you consider the grand-daughter. :lol: Even though times are tough and life can be difficult, it just keeps getting better and better. Family is what it's all about!
thanks ya'll for the wishes and the time to read it....

maybe the season or just the way times are right now but it seemed to be on my mind lately how things have werked out.

i couldnt be in a better far from havin it all figured out but i keep at it..

everyone enjoy the holidays....i am!

merry christmas ya'll and thanks for the compliments..makes me feel good inside! didnt really know bout that post but i threw it out there anyways..werked out okay. :D
Classic photo! One you will keep and look back on many times....

Hey Diesel!
Ya gotta find that little man a bundle of old keys to go on his right side and shave his head. He looks like an eager cowhand.

he heh..yeah hes already got em a set o keys...i HAD to get him a set for his belt loop.
i think of the things hes done already sometimes that other kids and even adults have never done. we have all kinds of wildlife eagles been flyin round lately. cows and room to do hes got more miles under his butt goin back and forth to town than some adults i know!!

wife took that photo w/out us knowin...probly my fav pic ever
DB your an insperation to all the newbies an wanna be cattlemen that come to have shown what wanting a farm an having the drive to get it can do.if you want it bad enough you can have it.even if its on 3acs or 300acs.MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
i dont know bout all that but i sure do appreciate just not afraid of hard work...done pretty much everything out here myself. some of the house building i contracted but every fencepost and beam on everything else ive handled.

on the ranchers photo gallery ive got some more pics of the place....cant seem to figure out how to bring em over here tho..someone help me out. theyre under my tagname here ..... dieselbeef
hope yall had as good a holiday as i did..lotta family time..was great....visiting with family and friends always seems to get left behind during the yr when everyones so bsy..was great to catch up

ho ho ho
Glad to hear it. We had one of the best Christmases ever. We scaled back our committments, didn't go to all the parties and things just spent most of our time with our close family and friends. Much less stressful. Much more relaxing. More better!
We had a great Christmas. My wife and I both noted that it seemed less rushed and more relaxed. (If you exclude the assembly of the trampoline... :oops: ) We've just hung around with the girls and had a nice quiet holiday.
No ranchers in our family either.. and a great feeling of accomplishment as well. It seems especially gratifying when you don'tgo in the direction everyone expects you to!

Great pictures as well.. your wife did good! The pictures taken without your knowing are usually the truest picture.

Happy Holidays!
is it odd to the rest of your family that you ended up doin what yer doin..cattle and all the work that goes w/it. noone in my familys a slacker but sometimes they wonder wth im doin....and so do i

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