House distance from road

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Using the odometer I'd guess about 1/3 of a mile. It's a good distance because it keeps people away and my son and dig can be out there without me worrying they'll get hit.
200 yards. Some days wish I had built on the back of my place instead of the front.
almost exactly 1/10 of a mile...but the house can be seen from the road....
We greet unknown visitors with a gun in hand, so we don't have many...
Not sure mine would even be 50 ft.. I'd have to measure it. Road has gotten a lot busier over the yrs. More big trucks, and a couple hundred cars an hour at times. Sometimes I wish it was quieter - but being close to town is handy at times.

A mile out back before I'd hit the next road.
About 150 feet out the front door. Out the back it is about a mile or more but there is a creek to cross (60 feet wide and over your head deep) and a river (300 feet wide and really over your head) and then up a 200 foot tall near vertical bluff.

My wife's old ranch in Oregon the driveway was 13 miles long.
1/4 mile to public road, 5 1/2 miles to black top, 20 miles to town. Almost all the land around me is timber company, so very few people for miles
I guess it depends on what you consider a road. I'm about a hundred yards from a one lane road that gets about ten cars a day, about half a mile from a paved road that gets about a hundred cars a day, and fifteen miles from anything busier than that.
Bout a mile from the mailbox. There's 1/4 mile of county road from the mailbox to the entrance of the ranch then 3/4 mile of windy road to the house. Completely hidden from any county roads.

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