Hot spot in round bale ok to feed?

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Jul 12, 2007
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Hi,I tried searching but no answers.
Have a round bale outside I was feeding from by hand and discovered it got wet and has a hot spot now.
It's kinda moldy on that spot and peeling as much as I could away it's still hot .
So I worked around it and only fed the good part but am worried now since I started feeding from it a few days ago and just noticed it.
I feed 3 head with it ,usually lasts a week or so.
On the other hand I'm thinking isn't that kinda what balage is but have no experience with it.
Thank you for any answers.
You don't want to force feed moldy hay/feed, by feeding them the good part you'll be fine.
Balage is wet, but fermented similar to haylage or silage, so that it doesn't mold.
Unless they are way under fed they will eat around the funky stuff.
I know that this really has nothing to do with the hot hay question, but I thought I would mention this. When we fed hay last year, we accidently fed a round bale with some pine needles on it. Several days later I walked into the barnyard to find a calf that was barely alive and about 40 LBS. and at least a month premature. It died a few days later. We were told that the pine needles serve as a poison and sort of like an abortion med. Since then we have been checking our bales closely for anything of that nature.