crypto, round worm and coccidia

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Corid is used in baby calves that get coccidiosis, my go to for them, so it will not hurt them. We also use it in chickens and baby chicks a few weeks old, can drink the water without a problem also.
Thank you!!
I purchased Safe-Guard .5% Alfalfa based pellets. It's type B fenbendazole. The directions on the bag for dosage is confusing me. It says for cattle: "Mix 1 pound of this Type B (0.5%) medicated feed containing 4540 g/ton fenbendazole with 4 pounds of feed ingredients to manufacture Type-C medicated feed containing 908 grams of fenbendazole per ton equivalent. Feed the resulting Type C medicated feed as the sole ration for one (1) day at rate of .5 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight to provide 2.27 milligrams of fenbendazole per lb. of body weight." Then there is an example CHART on the bag that says for cattle: "weight lb" 500 lb, "Amount of Safeguard 0.5%" 2.5 lb, "Mix with Animal's regular feed" 10 lb, "Resulting Safeguard Conc" 908 g/ton, "Lb of this mixture to feed per day" 2.5 lb, "Feed for # Days" 1 day.

So, I think you mix 1 lb of the type B fenbendazole product that is in the bag with 4 pounds of feed. Then, you have created type C Fenbendazole. Then, you feed .5 lbs of the type C fenbendazole (which is the Type B mixed with feed) per 100 lbs of body weight for one day. So the chart is saying that you take this type C fenbendazole (that you've created by mixing) and feed a 500 lb cow 2.5 lbs of it. Is that right?
The chart on the bag was confusing me. I had someone else read through it, and now I understand what I need to do.

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