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Same here, Silver. I don't disagree that locking the doors is a good idea. But as far our as we live, it would equate to more damage. Like the Sheriff is gonna make it here in less than 30 minutes TOPS? That's why we have insurance.
We have two types of criminals here. We have the doped up dipshits, and the smart ones. The DoDs outnumber the SOs 100/1.
The SOs apparently figure out that we ain't got anything worth their effort or consequences and leave us alone.
The DoDs can't figure out how to get anywhere close without making enough noise to avoid an encounter with me well before they get close to the house.
Both types mostly prey on households on the edge of town.

We have been weeding out the bad guys for several years. Neighborhood is improving
I have a set of the Arlo wireless cameras, with live alerts. so far not too bad
, only had about 6 months.
I have a good dog and it barks at anything that comes around, but I'm pretty sure he's just askin if they have something to eat in their pocket. He's afraid of thunder and military gunfire and hunkers down under a chair every time the guns start up.
Sorry, pup. I was responsible for more than a few rounds out that a way, not many years ago.
Same here, Silver. I don't disagree that locking the doors is a good idea. But as far our as we live, it would equate to more damage. Like the Sheriff is gonna make it here in less than 30 minutes TOPS? That's why we have insurance.
Trouble is TC, the insurance companies want to see forced entry before they pay up.
I am also in the camp of not knowing where my house keys are. I know where all my vehicle and tractor keys are, that's an easy one for me, they are in the ignitions.

I live in a large county with a very low population. The vast majority of crime committed occurs in Baker City which is the only town in the county (pop 10,000). That is 30 miles away. Here our post office serves 130 people. That is every man, woman, and child in a 15 mile radius. Low population generally equals low crime rate. Having a narrow one lane driveway that is over a quarter mile long also helps. Even stupid bad guys don't want to get in a situation where there is no escape.
We live in a county with a high rate of government assistance, and are in between the big city of Lexington, and some of the most impoverished counties in the nation. Very high percentages of people are drawing checks and not legitimately working. Then with drugs of all kinds rampant. We now have a homeless shelter and at least one area where homeless "camp". Lots of crazy stuff goes on. Locking doors is just a formality that just keeps honest people out, but it is recommended here along with burglar alarms.
We also keep our gates locked. Have had people try to break through gates a few times.
A while back we went on a trip to visit wife's family. Had a friend to stay in the short term rental house to keep a watch on the property at night and take care of the dog in our house. Also had a another friend and neighbor take care of the other animals and let the dog out at a different time.
The friend that was supposed to stay decided to let her brother who needed a place to stay, stay in the house instead of her, without telling us until the day before we left to come home. We know him and have tried to help him and give him work at times, but he is pickled and even though he can do a lot of construction and remodeling work he can't or won't keep a job. We had previously let him borrow our truck while working for us, but afterwards had decided we would never do that again for anybody, after having reason to believe he and another brother had something to hide. Too much risk in letting somebody else use your vehicle and especially if they are doing something they shouldn't be.
So yes we have been too nice at times.
Anyways, we suspect he may have been using our place for nefarious things while we were gone and his sister is completely oblivious.
After we got back home, several vehicles were coming in the drive all hours of day and night. We also heard from our neighbor and friend from church that came by to check on things that someone told him there was a truck full of people in our yard at one point.
I stayed out with all 3 dogs till late several nights. Made our presence known and funny how those vehicles whipped right back out of the drive as soon as they saw us.
We mentioned it to the lady that let her brother stay here, and said that we would be reporting the activity if it continued, and coincidentally it seemed to stop.
The exception being meth country, of course. About the worse damn thing ever came up with.
I am not nearly naive enough to say there are no drugs here. But very little and what there is is confined to Baker City 30 miles away. Here neighbors look out for each other. But in saying that I got to thinking about the ranch locations. I can't think of a single one where you can see a neighbors house from their house. Being full time ranchers they don't keep regular hours. And I can only think of one of the wife's who has a town job. Not like places where both work and you can set your clock on when they will be gone.

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