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Jan 31, 2004
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Yesterday, at the “Take Back America Conference” for liberal activists, Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced George Soros with effusive praise.

Then in his remarks Mr. Soros--the billionaire supporter of John Kerry and MoveOn.org--equated the attacks of September 11 to the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and went on to say, “The war on terror has taken more innocent victims than the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.”


Abu Ghraib was bad and the soldiers involved are rightly being punished, but for Democrats to say that the abuse of Iraqi fighters is the moral equivalent of the slaughter of 3,000 innocent Americans is outrageous.

Recently, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Bush “an incompetent leader,” and said the President has “no judgment, no experience and no knowledge” and that he has the deaths of thousands of soldiers “on his shoulders.”

The hatred of the President by the San Francisco/Boston Democrats--led by John Kerry--is fueling a blame America first mentality that is troubling, and voters will reject it in November!

But their anger won't slow a growing economy, it was announced today that 248,000 new jobs were created in May, meaning more than 1.1 million new jobs have been created this year! Thanks to the President’s leadership our economy is strong, and getting stronger.

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