Growth on cow's eyelid

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I have a mixed breed cow with a growth on her lower left eyelid that is about the size of a quarter. It is leaking blood and fluid. It has been noticeable for about two months. I have not medicated this animal. It seems that the high grass in which she is grazing has irritated the sore.

Is this cancer eye? Do any of you know what it is and how to cure it? Thanks. JPC

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Depending on size and exact location, removal may or may not be feasible. I've had to enucleate some cows (remove entire eye) to get all of the cancer. There is also off label use of a product called regressin which is injected directly into the tumour. Being off label, there is no proper withdrawal for the product. I've used it on a couple of very valuable donor cows, with the understanding that they would not enter the food chain. It worked very well on one, and seemed to slow the growth temporarily on the second (hers was much more aggressive in nature) I'm not advocating illegal use of the product, and you may not be able to get your veterinarian to consider it's use. Talk to your vet and find out what's the next step. Good Luck V

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