grass fed beef

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What do you mean as watery?

I found you can’t hang them as long as a grain fed unless you hang them colder. But after you hit day 3 most of the hanging is for bacteria growth that you want with grain fed so they taste good. Grass fed cattle almost taste like buffalo to most people.

I wish I know what you wanted to know because I would answer it.
I’m thinking she means weaning to death on grass, but I’m not sure. I hope so since that’s how I wrote out my reply.
The ones I have done have not been waterey, in fact I sold 10 grassfed last year. Everyone loved it. But you must keep good young grass in front of them during the final summer and fall. Requires management intensive grazing. You can't put them on a tough pasture under continuous grazing and expect them to finish with tenderness and a good flavor. Those are the ones that grassfed got its bad name from.
Sorry not so specific. I did not want to influence the answer. I cooked a roast, the way i always do, i hardly ever put water in the pan. When i got back from work the roast pan was half of water. I did not want a pot roast, just a nice sirloin roast.
The hiefer was 18 mo. She was to be a breeder but we caught her sucking a cow...dang happens to the best. We also had so much rain, maybe that had something to do with it.
At one time, I was buying beef from a family friend. I would buy a half and my sister the other half. We always got great beef. The steers were always butchered at the same shop. Then the shop was sold. The next beef we got was inedible! I know there was a switch!
i dont think hanging has anything to do with it. the steer i had that killed himself hung for 5 days, and was 100% frozen for 3 of them, and he isnt "watery".
Being new to cattle, we have 3 pregnant heifers and a bull, what is this "she was caught sucking a cow all about?" I understand the physical dynamics but is this a bad thing that they sometimes do that I should watch out for? The other day 2 of my heifers were standing side by side smelling each others udders but I didn't see any sucking. All of mine are grass fed also.
Once they are weaned, they should not suck again. However the odd one seems to get into the habit again. This was one of the best heifers we had and we caught her sucking the cow. Problem is, the calf that was on the cow suffered. If we tried to wean her again, say put her with the bulls all winter, then back with the cows to calve, she will more than likely suck out on any cow we have that is close to calving. When this happens, the calf that is born will get no colostrum. Not good for the newborn. Also not good for the momma who has to raise a baby and feed another cow. In a sense it will affect your bottom line. Here is how
1. Cow that sucks will steal from any cow causing poor calves at weaning
2. Cows that get sucked on by another cow bring the momma down in condition, lowering her ability to feed her calf, maintain her weight, and re breed. So she will either not be bred the next year or be bred late, costing you in a smaller calf or no calf.
We have a rule, if a cow starts this bad habit, it grows wheels

On another note we BBQ some ribeyes from her....tasty Must have just been the way i cooked the roast

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