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Anyone using pellets and if so how economical is it.
I have a couple of friends using them and they say they are cheaper then propane right know. They have to be shut down and cleaned on a regular basis that varies with how well you have it tuned in and of course how much it runs.
The trouble is that you have to be able to source good quality pellets. They vary in quality a lot. The poor ones are like burning sawdust in a fireplace.
This was some of the 2020 wood I cut for my mother. What is shown is 2021 and 2022 above. She really liked the cedar as it cracked and popped while burning, and burning cedar smells good.

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That dark red cedar fetches good money from a lot of wood workers and craft people. I can smell it from here!
The juniper that we burn has limbs bigger than my leg. That makes for some odd shaped pieces after it is split. The wife doesn't like the fact that it is difficult to make a nice straight stack.
I want to move close to you @jltrent and pay you to cut me wood as nice as your mom's wood pile... Save me from a chainsaw that I am too nervous to use and I can do the splitting with a splitter... used to split the ash up north by hand since it splits so nice and straight... But I don't care how straight it is in the pile....

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