Fudge in 5 minutes

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Dec 28, 2003
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Found this fudge recipe and it is great and easy.

3 c. chocolate morsels (1 1/2 bags)
1/4 c. butter
1 - 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk
foil lined 9x9 pan sprayed with non stick spray

Place ingredients in microwave safe bowl (I used a large glass measuring cup). Microwave on high 1 minute, stir. repeat for up to 3 minutes, until chocolate is melted.

Spread in 9x9 foil lined pan (spray foil with non stick spray). Refrigerate for 2 hours then cut into 1" squares.

I added 1 c of walnuts to one batch.

2nd batch I made Almond Joy Fudge. After mixture is melted and creamy add 1 c of shredded coconut and 1 c of whole almonds. After spreading in pan, sprinkle approx 1/3 c of shredding coconut on top and press lightly to stick to fudge. Refrigertate for 2 hours then cut into 1" squares.

You also could just pour the fudge into christmas tins (sprayed with non stick spray) and give as a gift.

This fudge was great, thought I would share.
I'll have to try this recipe-sounds a lot cheaper than my recipe that requires me to buy a bunch of things I don't normally have in my kitchen...sounds ten times easier to make too! Thank you!

I found the recipe on the internet...and everyone I sent fudge to loved it. Another friend of mine told me she put a tsp of vanilla in it (she didn't use the milk tho???)...I don't suppose it would hurt.

The almond joy fudge is the best (I think and seems like my kids liked it the best). Best thing is it is sooo easy.

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