Four days in Arkansas...7 1/2 inches of rain

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we have 4 1/2" now .. mostly a slow rain . we needed it .......
We've gotten another couple of inches in the past week, which we also needed! It's kept my hubby off the dozer, but when I unrolled hay this morning I saw rye grass coming up.
Don't get too excited. 30 inches in September followed by a very wet beginning of October. Today's weather...Tropical Storm Matthew is sending squally rain bands over us.
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We didn't get a drop of rain in Sept. Last rain was Aug. 22.

Been there, done that.
Thursday we got just shy of 2 inches. 1 1/4 inches in an hour, the rest took all night to happen. Started raining last night and we're ruight at 1 3/4 right now. At least this rain is soaking in instead of running.

TheBullLady":3d1e67sj said:
I thought it looked like one of your avatars!

That's about 1/2 or so of the size of the piece of old fence wire I pulled out of a heifers ankle joint.

Took a few horses camping up into the Kiamichi wildness area on the OK/AR border for some mountain riding, confidence and coordination training Oct 6th through 12th. Rained every night and a little each morning. Geology was about 2 inches sandy clay over rock on flats and slopes so drainage was quick. Had a great time! Compared to here where 1" of rain will turn this flat black clay so slick my 4WD has problems getting around in it.

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